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victim was stabbed after declaring he did not have any money. the university of baltimore lost to install the blood trail on the way to school. a round 3:35 p.m. on monday, he was approached by three teenagers, one of them who asked if he had change for a $5 bill. the victim said he did not have any money. seconds later he felt a sharp stab on the right side of his back. >> one suspect balls out a knife and stabbed the victim in the back. he received a punctured lung as a result of his injuries. >> this happened in the middle of the university of maryland complex. school surveillance cameras videotaped the suspect walking with a knife so large they say it could be seen glistening in the sun. of the victim tried to photograph his attackers with his cellphone camera. he managed to provide a good description. they arrested 14-year-old keith
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anderson and two others taken into custody a few blocks away. all are being charged as adults. city police consider the stabbing a crime of opportunity and not gang-related. >> this is frustrating for police. we are in the area. the university of baltimore police were there, but there is the propensity for people to results of violence for petty crimes like this. it really frustrates law enforcement. >> the victim is purported to be in stable condition. a source familiar with the case says the teenagers do not have criminal records. this is their first offense. much more evidence 6:00 p.m. reporting live, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore county police have finally caught up with a suspect they consider heavily armed and dangerous. he was arrested yesterday in northwest baltimore.
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police say there were others able to recover numerous weapons. there were a number of handguns and a hand grenade. meanwhile tonight, a man is recovering after he was struck by a car during a police pursuit. it started at 9:15 a.m. when they noticed a stolen vehicle. they followed it until it crashed near north and fourth avenues. it hit the victim who was selling papers nearby. >> i got in the car and i thought "oh, my god," and there was a body on the ground and his body was twisted. he was not moving. >> at the suspect is in police custody. >> we set a record today. we hit 90 degrees which is the
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50th time this year the temperatures have hit 90 degrees or higher at our official weather station at bwi marshall. the old record was 54 back in 1988. hot again. 91 at bwi marshall. low 90's down to hagerstown. the problem is that it is dry. we have not had measurable rain. a red flag warning for the upper eastern shore. dried ground conditions, low humidity, and a brisk wind could trigger brush fires. there are some jowers in eastern ohio. we will see if that brings any relief here. -- there are some showers in eastern ohio. your seven-day forecast coming out. >> it is a simple fact that far too many residents of baltimore are for peace and the situation needs to change. in the program is encouraging people to start now to take better care of their health by eating right and exercising.
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rob roblin has the story. >> it is a program to make city residents healthier. it kicked off today. it is called help the city days, an initiative to get city residents held fear. >> september 22nd for october 1st we will involve our citizens with information, demonstrations, and more in an effort to show citizens simple ways they can be healthier. >> also here today, someone who knows the importance of eating right and exercise and, the ravens running back. >> i learned how to eat right, stay fit, stay healthy, and so the tools i learned, i can go out and teach others. >> leaned forward just a little bit. >> a person parks a healthy body weight and the food they eat play a big part in how long one will live. residents in gilford have a life
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expectancy of 83 years. those in southwest baltimore or washington village have a life expectancy of 63 years. >> health, diet, there is cancer, cardiovascular disease, a chevy, all these areas in which health impacts of baltimore. >> to help baltimore residents, residents can go online and order groceries that will be delivered to a local library. >> they can get those groceries delivered directly to the library at no charge to the baltimore city resident for the delivery. they just have to cover the purchase of the food by the way of cash, food stamps, debit or credit. >> this employee was busy filling online orders. >> said the that the paperwork and a look at the codes. i start shopping. >> it is making the residence more active and healthier. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> get your walking shoes ready. it begins monday september 22nd with a walk from city hall to the inner harbor. i will be there with my walking shoes on. if you want more information on the library's rare you can pick up food aid times to order online, visit our web sites,. click on medical alert. >> right now, howard county fire officials are on the scene of a fire in the columbia area. sky team 11 is over the fire around 4:00 p.m. one woman was killed and another man was injured. it is unclear if his injuries are related to the fire. crews are on the scene gathering were details. we will have a live report coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. in northwest baltimore nursing and had been evacuated this morning after the vacant building next door, far. -- caught fire.
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this was on liberty heights avenue. it was a two alarm fire and was contained in about one hour's time. no reports of any injuries. firefighters in howard county were working in columbia. i home -- one home caught fire. that was about 4:00 a.m. this morning. the person inside the home may did not say what is this place tonight. arson investigators are working the case. >> in tonight's commitment 2010 report, when it comes to the economy, republicans may have an edge in some places. one cnn opinion research poll released today found 46% of americans say republicans in congress would do a better job dealing with the economy. a 43% to the same is true for democrats. the three. differences within the margin of error but it could spell -- three ofpoint difference is
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within the march jenna dara but it could spell -- the margin of difference but it could spell issues. >> it is bleak, dark, and people are negative. what this tells us more than anything else is there is not confident about where things stand. >> 61% of the country is headed in the wrong direction, a climate that could spell disaster for democrats. >> when the party in power is looking for change, the incumbent party loses. >> the president continues to lose approval rating. despite a recen focus on economic recovery, residents in milwaukee on monday presented in a pledge for infrastructure spending. >> that is the choice we face this far. do we want to go back or do we want to go forward?
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cracks in a major economic talk will be in cleveland tomorrow. >> they are not concerned about the president's poll numbers. they're concerned with whether or not they have a job, how they will pay the bills. >> the poll numbers are sure to be a concern for some democrats. they are evenly split on which path -- which party they like to see in power. among likely voters, republicans now hold a nine point lead. they could gain control of the congress. today, robert gibbs says he remains confident the democrats will stay in control. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as you know, early voting is going on. some campus groups are hoping that political exposure will get more students to the polls. tim tooten is live in the newsroom. education and politics are not strange bedfellows.
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>> in that case, they may be. the students vote was a key not long ago in the national election. they hope for more of the same in local and state races. a college campus for some may seem the most unlikely place to set up a polling place. not so for those who cast their ballots early. >> my mother is a new residence in maryland. i am happy to have a place convenient where we can go together. >> a college campus is ideal. >> it is in the middle of everything. >> the much talked-about place made the front page of the campus newspaper. the newspaper's editor-in-chief says students have taken notice. >> after the buzz start getting around, they talk about this. if they are not voting here, they are still getting their appetites whetted. they're thinking about it. maybe after the primary. >> students around campus are trying to get the word out. they hope election fever may be
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catching on. >> they seem excited to vote. they want to know when and where they can go to vote. they're getting involved. >> even having -- >> the civic engagement student government association says it is no accident that is making it easier for students and the general public to catch rabbits early. >> a lot of our students find it hard to travel home on election day to go to their specific precinct. >> the student government association says its goal is to register at least 1000 students this fall. would you take place with early
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voting? we have a poll on our website. you can also find early voting places in your community. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> despite what some people may say, and the money can buy happiness. how much? we revealed in tonight's consumer alert. >> does your book are diet heavy packing on the protein that could be increasing your risk of death. we have the details. >> we are not perfect but we are working hard. were we not doing the great job we were doing, things would be much worse. >> baltimore city state attorney and a fight this election year to keep your job. we take a closer look at the baltimore chief prosecutor in new at 5:30 p.m. >> i have a public safety training facility. i am as anxious as you are to find out if i can scale this tower.
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>> the nationwide alcohol and drug addiction month kicked off today. the goal is to spread awareness that treatment does work. 430,000 of merrill lenders were or had been addicted to drugs in
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the past year. was among theill keynote speakers. >> sure enough it made me feel really good. two more coming two more. it was managing my back pain, but what i did not know that it was destroying me inside and the addict in me was coming out. >> 72,000 people receive treatment in maryland during 2009. >> speaking of addiction, and the tonight's "medical alert,", it is frustrating that the smoking rate remains pretty stubborn. it has dropped dramatically since the 1960 proxy, but since 2004 and has been pretty flat with about one in nine adults and lighting up regularly. at least 20% has not been improving, so why is the rate not going down?
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they think they have lost momentum because of kinds -- cuts to anti-tobacco campaigns. low carbon diet can help melt away extra pounds, but the effect under health can be dangerous. diet that emphasize animal fats are associated with higher mortality for causes in men and women. fish and vegetable-based protein has the opposite. the ideas behind the diets are similar, the difference is it bad that's come a good fat, fiber which are all important. a rare but disturbing trend among young women that has only come to light in the past few years. this is called self embedding. eric edwards has the story. >> an estimated 15% to 20% of
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people have the been involved in self injury. correct the damage their own body tissues but not with the aim of harming themselves. >> cutting is the most popular. much more rare is something called self embedding. teen girls insert small items deep into their skin like paper clips, to clips, glass, and a small plastic objects. we -- radiologists in ohio stumbled upon this while studying ultrasound data. >> there were small notes saying "self-inflicted" or "self inserted." you can clearly see the items on the ultrasound. >> it is much more visible on an ultrasound. toxicologists say no one knows for sure why some do this. >> many of them have been maltreated. many of them have had unstable
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relationships, unstable nurturers when they were kids. >> they may be crying out for attention or try to get others to leave them alone. some say they do it because it distract them from emotional pain. >> it is important that we approach these young people with compassion. >> radiologists are using this to remove these in the hopes patients could feel the larger stores within. eric edwards, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the current study at nationwide children's hospital and was about one dozen self abetting cases. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather + forecast with your chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 90 shoring up on thermometer's all throughout the region. the he is hanging on in the early september. we have hit 92 degrees in downtown baltimore as of late this afternoon.
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91 of interstate 83. it is quite warm toward hagerstown where it is 91 degrees. down toward washington, d.c., college park of checking in in the low 90's. a nice ocean breeze. ocean city is that a nice 78. in the mountains, a little cooler in mchenry. the 90 degree days have been with us for a while. the first time we had 90 was back in april. we had a few in may, we crank up the heat in june and july with some 100 degree-days for in as well. in august, 11 times. half of this first week in september, three times, we have been in the low 90's. the record was set back in 1988. today we broke the record. the normal amount of 93 days is only 29. we are almost double that number. we continue to this very hot season. over the past couple of weeks, no rain.
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if we do not have any rain today, that will be 15 straight days without measurable rain. it looks like that will happen unless a few drops can get in, but i do not think it will. the ground is very dry. the relative humidity is quite low. winds will be brisk. that leaves too dangerous brush fire conditions. there's a fire watch in effect for tomorrow. a red flag warning with slightly warmer weeks when the conditions. keep in mind any type of sport could get drive tender going here. south wins tonight will keep a mild. 68-76 and unusually warm september night. a cold front coming apart -- coming across parts of ohio. hopefully we will get at least a sprinkle from these showers. that brought to cool things off a little bit. tropical storm hermine has a lot of moisture but not much of it is feeding into the front.
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in a little bit is peeling off and trying to get into the front. most of this will hangup over the central plains. it does not look like we will really benefit from the moisture associated with that land fall tropical storm. you can see the front across central maryland tomorrow, spotty storms and then it clears out. it will get really try and winds will kick in. that will make the fire danger increase. it will feel like fall. we will get rid of the heat. tomorrow, another warm day. 85-90 with a chance for a shower in the morning. gusting winds on the day. across upstate maroc, we will start to see the change in western maryland with a high level in 67. that is coming our way. tomorrow, at of the front of 88 degrees, but on thursday, much cooler and it will feel like fall.
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another hot one with 91 degrees tomorrow before relief arrives on wednesday. cover 80's tomorrow with the upper 70's thursday and a high of on the 76 with suntrust on friday. >> thank you, tom. police finally nabbed a suspect police say was armed with a hand grenade. despite warnings, a georgia church pastor says he will move a forward with his "burn the qaran day." >> i made it -- find out if i made it to the top of the tower next.
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>> the public safety training facility where police recruits are trained just added a state of the art obstacle course. >> you can see the tower. we except the challenge and she attempted to scale the tower. you go, girl. >> outstanding. >> the newest class of police records are making their way to the optical course at the public safety training facility in the northwest baltimore. >> it builds confidence and build camaraderie for us as a
5:27 pm
class as they go through here. it helps to conquer your fears and fish yourself to the limit. >> the courses challenging not only physically but mentally. the hope is that it will help them with their work when they hit the streets as baltimore city police officers. >> i think it will help me with building situations in which i have not accounted for. >> for each obstacle, there's a strategy. >> the centerpiece is the calpine tower. it looked downright daunting. >> they convinced me to try to scale the tower. we will see if i make it to the top. >> the first part is the easiest. it gets a lot harder and i lose my footing. thank goodness for my safety
5:28 pm
harness. finally, after cheers and tips i made it to the top. once i'm lower to the ground, i found out there is more in store for me. others give me a bit more trouble. no permanent damage done. i feel a sense of accomplishment after achieving it. that is the feeling future officers take with them. >> trees and a person down an alley holding a gun. >> the ratings will keep improving their skills. me? i will be sort tomorrow. wbal-tv 11 news. >> that will leave a mark. >> it would be the stuff floats
5:29 pm
to the ground. >> still had, we recap today's top stories. >> they try to get control of this mass of wildfire. we take a look at exactly what they have to contend with. >> the race for baltimore state attorney is one of the most contented races. in a 5:30 p.m., we sit with the incumbent.
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>> led, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at live in hd but stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer.
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11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> new tonight, early voting is now underway in maryland. one of the most hotly contested races is centered around a political newcomer try to unseat a 15-year incumbent. in this primary season, it is the most contentious race. >> of the incumbent, patricia jessamine, sat down with debra winger for this commitment 2010 profile. >> from her office in baltimore circuit court you can hear the police sirens. it is a team called this woman boss since 1995. >> we are not perfect, but we are working hard. were we not doing the great job we were doing, things would be much worse. she says she is tough smart and
5:32 pm
independent, key qualities for a woman who has often found herself the fenty and the criminal justice system. >> do you feel any personal responsibility for what clearly has become a revolving door of justice? >> i do not feel personal responsibility because every single day, i go to work, i am working hard to do the best i can under the circumstances that i am given. but there is no one in the city working harder than me to close the revolving door. >> jessamy says a defendant is it two times more likely to go to prison than in any other place in the state. >> we account for 31% for all of the criminal filings in the state. we account for 60% of the commitments in the state. when you hear that the people are getting away with murder --
5:33 pm
>> she calls of this year proxy campaign divisive, a campaign that has reached convictions about conviction rate, she calls the smoke and mirrors. >> when you went to look at the effectiveness about what we do when it comes to violent offenders, but that the number of people being taken off of the streets committed to jails and prisons. that is the number that tells the story, not a conviction rate. >> this year proxy campaign has not only pitted jessamy against bernstein. >> if you are reelected, how will you work with the the police commissioner again? >> i have had occasion to work with seven different police commissioners under very different circumstances. you do what you have to do to get the job done. >> we also wanted to know about the position not to attend court
5:34 pm
proceedings, a practice she says began about eight years ago. >> the attention is taken off of what is happening in the courtroom with that attorney, with that defense attorney, with that judge. the tension is then focused on me. that is not good for the case. >> with everything she has seen, she remains haunted by one case in particular, the murder of 26- year-old woman was fatally shot by teenagers after her car was hit. >> as a parent to has a daughter who was in school, it is just a terrific thing to think about your child. it is one of those things that need to break the cycle of balance. >> she wants another term in
5:35 pm
office to do just that and address the underlying causes of crime, something she says it cannot beat the same attorney alone. debra wiener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> she sat down with a one-on- one with her challenger, bernstein. you will see that on tomorrow's 2010 report. they have filed their second campaign finance report. he has raised close to $80,000 since august 19th which beings -- which brings the campaign total up. most were submitted online for individuals that ranged from $5,000 to $20,000. you can much of the candidate profiles and the ad check. heat we will make a voter guide to the candid its online -- candidates online on >> the new faith oriented plan
5:36 pm
was presented at a luncheon this afternoon. it calls a local churches to look at the responsibility of reported incidents about the block the church is located on and the four surrounded it. they will be reported and discussed on a monthly basis. >> we come back in one month and everyone has to report from city hall and the police department what we did to make sure that these concerns either go away or that they're getting better. that accountability will sustain this. >> churches across the city are being encouraged to take part in the plan. here's a look at other top stories this hour. this school was evacuated today after a suspicious odor of gasoline. they were evacuated just before 12:00 p.m. and moved and the caution. they are trying to pinpoint the cause of the odor. we have a live update at 6:00 p.m. will to work and police have
5:37 pm
arrested a man connected with a home invasion. he was taken into custody yesterday on fairfax road in west baltimore. they also recovered a handgun and a hand grenade that was stolen during the robbery. >> contrary to what many people believe, a new study finds that money can buy happiness. we have the details. >> why am i not shocked by that? tragedy near a popular west virginia entertainment complex leaves dozens of horses dead. more on the damage and what witnesses say about the fire. >> this type of hate speech and cites the radicals around the world. >> international outrage over an event that is going to mark the 9/11 terrorist attacks. why they say burning the qaran is a bad idea. is a bad idea. >> coming u
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends
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reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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>> more than two dozen horses are dead tonight after a raging fire at a popular west virginia race track. three birds caught fire early
5:41 pm
yesterday morning near charlestown races and spots in west virginia. according to fire officials, 27 horses died in the fire and flames were shooting 15 feet into the air. damage to the bar is valued at more than $1,500. >> one church in florida is working anchor across the globe. as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, they plan to observe the tragedy in what their pastor calls a "burn the qaran" day. this has spurned protest in kabul. >> we must send a clear message to radical islamists that we will not be controlled by fear. >> that is the word of god and no fire can ever destroy that.
5:42 pm
the symbolism of that is hurtful. >> general david petraeus, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, they say the burning with literally increase the danger level for u.s. troops serving in afghanistan. they have denounced the plan as "american -- "unamerican." >> from hermine across, the latest on efforts to control the blaze of a wild fire. >> a multimillion-dollar renovation. the entire facility is getting a new name. i'm jennifer franciotti. coming up, with a future performances and the expected attendance rate. >> dry conditions around here with low humidity and gusting wind. this leaves the potential for brush fires. a fire which in effect for tomorrow. look for some rain in
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>> good afternoon. i am rod daniels. here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. an apartment fire in columbia. a woman's body found inside. the fire did not cause her death. we're live with the latest on that investigation. for the first time, early voting is in maryland. how voting could have an effect on one college campus. these stories and much more when these stories and much more when you
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why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. >> thousands of people have been evacuated as a wildfire continued to grip the parts of colorado. >> just west of boulder, dozens of homes have been destroyed. the and greg has details. -- leann gregg has detaiols.
5:46 pm
>> for those who live here, a frightening scene. >> it is charged everywhere. >> the fight is on to say structures. delays in getting planes in the air, but wind is not an issue. >> this is holding the smoke close to the ground. >> at the blaze broke out monday morning in a canyon west of boulder. 45 mile per hour wind gusts 3000 cents people from their home in the canyon and surrounding areas. >> it is important for there to be some level of [inaudible] >> it is a difficult and dangerous fight, rugged steep terrain. more than 35 agencies have responded to the fire, state and federal. tankers, spotting planes, and helicopters prepared to make runs this afternoon after being
5:47 pm
grounded this morning in a most of monday. despite the firetruck the quick advance, and of injuries have been reported. the homes destroyed are among those feeling the loss. >> the one thing that has concerned me more than anything else our neighbors. [crying] this is love. >> it is not clear when the fire will be contained. >> they're supposed to begin investigating the cause and the number of structures damaged or destroyed. but this point, no word on when residents can return to their neighborhood. wbal-tv 11 news. >> residence in texas are being hit by tropical storm hermine. as many as 30,000 homes are without power in the rio grande
5:48 pm
valley think you can see how strong the winds are which have caused damage in neighborhood yards. no reports of any major damage or serious injuries. you can track the storm on our website,, by clicking on "weather." >> your insta-weather + forecast. >> the theme for the past several months has been the heat. back into the 90's today which is the 55th time have topped 90 degrees. that is the new record for a single year. the old record was 54. 90 to officially at the airport today. the normal high is only 83 degrees. it was another dry day today. that is the problem. rainfall at the airport has been almost nonexistent. go back 14 days to the mid august and find the last rain at the airport which was less than
5:49 pm
0.1 inch. this will be the 15th consecutive day without measurable rain. as a result, the national weather service has a fire watch out. a red flag warning for even drier conditions on the eastern shore in cecil county. brushfires could start with a slide sparked. be careful the next couple of days. we could have drained toward the weekend, but not a lot of rain in our forecast. 68-764 lows tonight. this line of showers with some thunder in ohio is pushing past the cleveland area. here is the cold front. most of the ring with that front will fall apart as it approaches our region. one hope is that with hermine, so the tropical moisture is trying to get caught up in that tropical storm. we have a slightly better chance of a shower tomorrow morning if that can get in there.
5:50 pm
you can see the front spicing for our region tomorrow morning with only spotting showers. for our region, really only about a 20% chance. cooler, drier air returns. it would be very comfortable thursday and friday. we hope for a few showers tomorrow morning then some afternoon sun. temperatures are going to be gusting on the day tomorrow with the waves around two feet. here's a close-up look at satellite imagery as hermine comes up for taxes. the problem is not only the flooding but also the possibility of tornadoes. the forecast will continue to make its way west of dallas into parts of oklahoma, kansas, and the moisture will keep pushing north toward the great lakes. maybe toward next week and some of the tropical moisture will get here with the next front. this is the remnants of gaston.
5:51 pm
that still has the possibility of regenerating into a storm. 88 tomorrow with a chance for a morning shower. cool air for thursday and friday with highs in the mid 70's. a nice start to the weekend but may be some beneficial rain on sunday. >> is an age-old saying that money cannot buy half of this, but apparently it can. one study published today in the national academy of sciences found people's happiest grew as income rose but drop of around $75,000. the research also indicated that people are happier on weekends, but their sense of well-being did not change. instead of buying in a home, why not fix up the when you have? many americans are doing just that. at the project began, many are looking to the ever popular
5:52 pm
home-improvement shows for ideas. >> bob is both a remodeler and a home builder. >> my first love has been the remodeling industry. we do more modeling than home construction. >> according to major home- improvement retailers homes -- home depot and lowe's, sales are up. >> new home construction still is flat. >> people walking the aisles are looking for a way to update their home. >> in stead of buying another house, we are getting new styles. they would rather bet on the good thing than take a gamble. >> people are still choosing to
5:53 pm
put their money into remodeling. >> maybe work does make people happy, as many people watch retired are now going back into the workforce. 26% of men and women born between 1933 and 1937 are back at work. that is up from two decades ago. retiree health benefits have been cut back and social security is higher as well. the rate of unemployment for retirees is less than any other age group. i am marianne banister. >> thank you, marion. investigation surrounding a gas leak has forced the family from their home may be expanding. >> it may now be connected to invest -- in evacuation of a nearby school. that is coming of new at 6:00 p.m. >> this is part of an antiquated scenery going away for good things to multimillion- dollar renovation projects. i'm jennifer franciotti.
5:54 pm
we will take you beh
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>> it is hard to imagine anyone using something that is older than 100 years old. for a stage hand at the lyric opera house, and was the way of life. >> they are getting a new stage and a new name. jennifer franciotti has a look at the new changes. >> stepping on stage of the lyric is like taking a step back in time. it is much the same when it first opened in 1894. all of that is about to change.
5:57 pm
there will be come a new sound system, the stage itself will grow. these will be no more, the antiquated sandbags system used to raise and lower scenery is at long last going away. >> we will install a counterweight system. it is safer and allows us more efficiency. at the laws to bring in larger customers. >> i could have two predictions going on the same time. we will be will do things we could not do in the past. it will be better in that way. we will be able to bring back proper in a grand way. >> this is the final phase of renovations. with the stage left for last, the launch into the modern era. it is expected of -- expected to open up more appeal. >> with the larger seating capacity of any in baltimore. that gives us a chance for some
5:58 pm
of those higher grossing shows. >> this is being funded through a mix of baltimore city and state funding along with private donations. the largest single donation came from the family that brought us the ravens. >> the people we will be naming the lyric after will be the performing arts center. >> there will be some small performances here, but it is expected to reopen next year with a brand new opera. in baltimore, and jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is at present 5:00 p.m. >> anything you would like to see again, we will broadcast this again at 7:00 p.m. on wbal +. >> here is in the blood is coming up at 6:00 p.m. crack's a teenager find her mother trapped inside a burning home. i am live with the details. >> diems forced the evacuation
5:59 pm
of this school. could it be investigated to a gas leak here? details coming up. >> three teenagers face attempted first-degree murder charges after stabbing a pedestrian who told them he could not make change for a $5 bill. details coming up. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news in hd at 6:00 p.m. quickly begin to live breaking news. one woman was found dead inside an apartment after it caught fire. >> investigators believe her death was not caused by the fire. it happened just after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon in the 6000 block in columbia. kerry cavanaugh joins us live with more. >> nabors tell us they knew something was wrong when they heard a young woman screaming around 2:45 p.m. this afternoon. it turns out a 17-year-old girl had come home from school. we tried to
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